Entities Seeking Exemption

The following types of postsecondary schools are exempt from SCHEV certification:

According to § 23.1-226 of the Code of Virginia

  1. Schools whose primary purpose is to provide religious training or theological education that do not award secular degrees.
  2. Any nursing education program regulated by the Virginia Board of Nursing that leads to licensure; if the program of study lead to a degree, the school must seek SCHEV certification prior to seeking approval from the Virginia Board of Nursing.
  3. Any professional program for professional or occupational training offered by a school to the extent that the program is approved or regulated by any other Virginia or federal governmental agency, and offered by a school that is not seeking degree-granting status.
  4. Any course or program of study given by or approved by a professional body, fraternal organization, civic club or benevolent order principally for continuing or professional education or similar purpose, and for which no certification, degree or degree credit is awarded.
  5. Courses or programs offered through approved multistate compacts, including but not limited to the Southern Regional Education Board’s Electronic Campus.
  6. Courses offered by postsecondary schools provided solely on a contractual basis for which no individual is charged tuition and for which no advertising has been made for open enrollment.
  7. Any school, institute or course of instruction offered by any trade association or any non-profit affiliate of a trade association on subjects related to the trade, business or profession represented by the association.
  8. Tutorial instruction delivered and designed to (i) supplement regular classes for students enrolled in any public or private school, (ii) prepare an individual for an examination for professional practice or higher education, or (iii) prepare an individual for an examination to demonstrate proficiency or to maintain proficiency in an occupational field. 
  9. Schools of fine arts or other avocational courses that are conducted solely to further artistic appreciation, talent or for personal development or information.
  10. Privately held institutions of higher education that were formed, chartered or established in Virginia that have maintained a main or branch campus for at least 20 continuous years under the same ownership and maintained full accreditation by an accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

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