Meet The Team

SCHEV's Private Postsecondary Education (PPE) unit is responsible for designing measures to ensure that all certified postsecondary schools meet minimum academic and administrative standards, and the rights of all students attending those schools are protected. PPE staff work to foster and improve the educational programs and services of these schools, while protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia from fraudulent or substandard operations.

Sandra Freeman

PPE Director

Sandra joined SCHEV in 2006 and served as Assistant Director of PPE for nearly four years before accepting her current position as Director of the Private Postsecondary Education (PPE) section in 2021. Sandra’s varied responsibilities include planning and coordinating the operational functions of the PPE department, as well overseeing certification and exemption for more than 300 private degree-granting and vocational schools in Virginia. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management and Leadership from Bluefield College and a Master of Public Administration from Virginia Tech.

Richard Cole

Certification Specialist

Rich came to SCHEV in 2016 with more than 25 years of service in higher education administration dedicated to student services and policy evaluation, development and compliance.  At SCHEV he coordinated the student complaint process before returning to his original work certifying new schools and programs in Virginia. Rich earned his Master of Science in Education at the University of Miami (FL).

Kathleen Kincheloe

Compliance Specialist

Kathleen first joined SCHEV in 2005 as the Assistant Director of Communications. After taking time off to have a family, she is excited to be back at SCHEV as part of the PPE team. Kathleen’s responsibilities include overseeing the annual recertification process, coordinating uncertified school compliance and managing special projects. Kathleen has a B.A. in communication from College of Charleston and a Master of Education from the College of William and Mary.

Monica Lewis

Fiscal Specialist

The longest-serving member of the PPE team, Monica came to SCHEV in 2005 as a Budget Analyst. In her current role as Fiscal Specialist, she is the team’s go-to person for any fiscal needs from budgeting to sureties to financial statements for school recertification. Monica is also responsible for religious exemptions and the Student Tuition Guaranty Fund. She holds a master's degree in Accounting and Business Administration.

Stephanie Shelton

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie joined the PPE team in 2021 after more than 20 years working at Capital One. Her many responsibilities include processing transcripts for closed schools, issuing agent permits to representatives of out-of-state institution, and assisting with new school orientation. Stephanie also responds to PPE’s numerous constituent inquiries. She studied Business Administration at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College.

Alfonso Wells

Compliance Investigator

Art began his work as a PPE compliance investigator in 2015, bringing nearly 30 years of law enforcement experience with him. As a former senior law enforcement investigator and manager, he applies his skills as a decision maker, interviewer, and fact-finder, as well as his experience as an administrator and behavior analyst, to his work conducting audits of SCHEV certified schools.