Recertification FAQs

SCHEV’s Private Postsecondary Education (PPE) PPE Portal Screenshotsection moved to a new online recertification portal in spring 2020. The PPE Portal provides a user-friendly, efficient way to update school information, including personnel contact information, approved programs and courses, and enrollment data. Additionally, schools can make electronic payments of all applicable fees.

All certified schools’ designated primary contact receive login information via email when their recertification window opens. The email instructs users to change their password, providing access to the PPE Portal where additional users can be added.

This page includes helpful resources for schools recertifying via the PPE Portal. Should you review this information and still have questions about recertification, please contact PPE staff at

FAQs for Recertifying Schools

How do I sign in to the new PPE Portal?

What if I forgot my username or password?

How do I create or remove user accounts for other school personnel?

How can I see the certification status for the school(s) for which I am an administrator?

What do the colored badges at the top of the screen mean?

Is there additional help or information for any sections of the Portal?

Do I need to send in any original paperwork with a “wet signature” (as opposed to an electronic one)?

How do I view and modify the programs and courses offered?

How do I view and modify the names and titles of school personnel?

How do I view and modify the locations of campuses?

How do I calculate the amount of my surety instrument or apply for a waiver (if applicable)?

How do I make sure I have submitted all necessary recertification documents?

How do I view and modify graduate and enrollment data?

How will I receive my Certificate to Operate?

How can I make changes outside of the recertification cycle?

What should I do if my school closes?

User Roles on the PPE Portal

Each school’s Primary Contact will have the ability to designate other users who require access to school records in the PPE Portal. Each user will have varying abilities to enter, edit, and view school data based on the role s/he is assigned. It is the responsibility of the Primary Contact to maintain an up-to-date list of users with permission to access the PPE Portal, including deleting the user accounts of any personnel who no longer require access to the PPE Portal. 

  • SCHEV Admin  - Has full ability to view, modify, and submit school data in the Portal; SCHEV Admin is the only user role that can pay for and submit recertification materials annually
  • User – Has the ability to view and modify school data in the Portal; Cannot pay or submit
  • CPA - Has the ability to modify composite score and surety information, as well as any data in the Financial section of the Portal
  • Financial Officer – Can make payments only; Cannot modify data or submit
  • Read Only – Has only the ability to view (but not modify) school data in the Portal
A Note About Sureties

Surety instruments and waivers (if applicable) will no longer be considered part of the recertification process. Instead, surety bonds and other financial instruments will be tied to the dates of the instruments themselves, and will therefore need to be updated before they expire, regardless of when recertification happens.

All schools that do not have a waiver from SCHEV must maintain a surety each year that is adequate to provide refunds to students for the unearned non-Title IV portion of tuition and fees for any enrollment period. Helpful resources, such as a Surety Calculation Worksheet, a Financial Composite Score Calculation Worksheet, a Sample Irrevocable Letter of Credit, and a Surety Bond Form, are available on the PPE Forms and Regulations webpage at

For questions about surety instruments or waivers, please contact Monica Lewis at